First Christian Church of WhittierWhittier, CA, United States

Give Up the Ghost

By Spectacular Disaster Factory, LLC (other events)

15 Dates Through Nov 15, 2019

Give Up the Ghost reverses the typical Halloween haunt—here, you play your dead self called back from the shore of Eternity to bear witness to the sorrows and terrors of the living.

You will interact with characters at the edge of life and death in scenes that can be violent, tragic, and occasionally darkly humorous. The choices you make will haunt you, will change your own story, and just might change the entire narrative.

What choices will you make, as your light grows dim?

This is not a gore fest, extreme haunt nor jump-scare maze.

Each show lasts approximately 75-80 minutes. Some scenes are open for viewing anytime, others require a Shadow to guide you. Some scenes are for large groups, some are for smaller groups, some are for one person only. Participants can choose to interact with the actors or not. You can touch some actors (from fingertips to elbow only, not roughly), actors will not touch you. 

There will be a waiver to sign at check in.

For a content warning listing (some spoilers) click here.

VIP ticket holders skip the box office entry line, get preferential choice to the 1-on-1 and small group scenes, two gifts, one from the production, and a Q&A with the show creators after the experience. 

This is an expanded version of One Last Thing Before You Go, the award-winning, critically-acclaimed, totally sold-out Hollywood Fringe Festival production from 2018 by Spectacular Disaster Factory, LLC, the wife-husband team of Kirsten Hageleit & Aaron Vanek.

A portion of our box office goes both to the First Christian Church of Whittier (501c3), before they convert to low-income senior housing, and The Game Academy, a 501c3 that uses role-playing for education.

Spectacular Disaster Factory, LLC, is not partnered nor affiliated with the First Christian Church of Whittier; we are simply renting their building for this production. They are aware of our content and have given permission for its use. 

Tickets can be exchanged, but not refunded. There are many discount codes for this show floating the internet.

  For more specific information and one of the discount codes, click here.

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Hollywood Gothique review - Without being doctrinaire, the experience feels spiritually uplifting, even exhilarating, like grace filling one's soul; in secular terms, one might call it therapeutic or salutary. "Restorative" bridges both viewpoints nicely - a sense of renewal. Or in language used in both psychoanalysis and the dramatic arts, Give Up The Ghost provides what few interactive plays ever do, a genuine emotional catharsis. If you want to feel something deeper than a simple scare this Halloween, go see Give Up The Ghost.

Bottom Line
We cannot recommend
Give Up The Ghost highly enough. If there is one event you must see this Halloween, this is it. review - Give Up the Ghost is a beautiful love letter to what it means to be innately human, and makes audiences want to linger in the Underworld just a little longer.

No Proscenium review - It. Was. Amazing.

The Haunt List review - of the more unique Halloween experiences we’ve visited this season.

  • age 18+ due to content: violence, emotional abuse, drug abuse, death by suicide, homicide, and accident, plus occult /otherworldly themes. 
  • There are NO jump scares, gory imagery, sexual content nor nudity. The overall tone is tragic, dramatic, spooky, and eerie. 
  • We will offer specific trigger warning cards that indicate the content of scenes so you have the ability to avoid those aspects. 
  • Some scenes are only accessible via staircases.
  • Expect dimness, near-total darkness, shimmering lights (no strobes), low-lying fog, disorienting music and sounds, including some loud noises.